Giuseppe Bellantuono

Reserach interests



Comparative analysis of regulatory systems


Methodology of Comparative Law


Interdisciplinary approaches to legal studies


Law and Technology


Comparative Energy Law


Comparative communications law


Comparative Water law


Comparative contract law


Behavioral law and economics





- 2000: participant to Murst (Italian Ministry for Scientific and Technological Research) project on Comparative and economic analysis of institutions and institutional complexity of governance models in the perspective of incomplete contracts theory, national coordinator prof. Francesco Silva

- 2001: participant to Miur (Italian Ministry for University Research) project  on Software agents and electronic commerce: comparative and economic analysis of legal rules, national coordinator prof. Giovanni Sartor

- 2002: participant to Miur project  on The governance of intellectual property: contractual incompleteness, institutional complementarity and alternative policies for innovation and development, national coordinator prof. Ugo Pagano

- 2005: Miur project  on Advanced digital technologies and liability. Economic and comparative analysis, national coordinator prof. Giovanni Comandè

- leading researcher of the project on Consumers' interests and energy regulation, funded by the European Commission, DG Sanco, 2005-2007