Conference: “Open Science For a Better Research”

March 5th -7th – University of Rome (La Sapienza) – Department of Animal Biology


Open Access and Open Research Data are a key priority for science and society, having important implications for public governance, institutional progress and innovation.

In particular, the free access to the research results (publications and data) – which is the backbone of the open science movement – should be the mission of Universities, Research Institutes, Scientific and Cultural Institutes. Modern science was born public and inspired by the ethics of the knowledge sharing; nevertheless over the last decades, another idea that perverts the purpose of the scientific work, emphasizing the logic of an exclusive control over the research results through a strong IPRs exploitation, has gained ground. It is time to to bring back the sharing of research results at the center of the scientific process.

Considering the Italian framework related to open science and transparency of practices in the academic and research fields, it is necessary to start a dialogue between the different institutions and stakeholders for a real and substantial change.

To meet this need, the Italian Institute of Anthropology and the University of Rome “La Sapienza” promote the conference “Open Science for a Better Research“. After a first introductory session, the discussion will focus on crucial aspects related to topical and emerging issues, and then on the strategies and viable responses to the increasing demand for a greater presence of open science in higher education and research. See the program

On the occasion of this conference, the new “Associazione Italiana per la Promozione della Scienza Aperta” will be presented for the first time.

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