The Trento LawTech Research Group – Penn Center for Technology, Innovation and Competition LAW & TECHNOLOGY ROUNDTABLE

The Trento LawTech Research GroupPenn Center for Technology, Innovation and Competition LAW & TECHNOLOGY ROUNDTABLE



JUNE 5th, 2017




9.00-9.30 AM: Welcome and Introduction to the Roundtable   

Umberto Izzo and Christopher Yoo


Followed by a short presentation of LASTJD – Joint International Doctoral (Ph.D.) Degree in Law, Science and Technology by Giovanni Sartor and Roberto Caso   





9.30-10.00 AM (Q&A included)


Regulating Community Networks in Europe: The netCommons Project

Federica Giovanella





10.00-10.30 AM (Q&A included)


May the Awareness Be with You: An Empirical Research on Consumer Protection at the Time of the Sharing Economy

Rossana Ducato





10.30-11.00 AM (Q&A included)


Comparative Methodologies for the Low-Carbon Transition

Giuseppe Bellantuono




11.00-11.20 AM: Coffee Break




11.20-11.50 AM (Q&A included)


The Right to be Forgotten: Balancing Interests in the Flux of Time

Giovanni Sartor





12.20-12.50 AM (Q&A included)


Open Source, Modular Platforms, and the Challenge of Fragmentation

Christopher Yoo




1.00 – 2.30 PM: Working Lunch





2.30 – 3.50 PM (Q&A included)


Poisonous Science: The Dark Side of Academic Copyright in the Digital Age

Roberto Caso


Protecting Copyright Integrity

Shyam Balganesh and Gideon Parchomovsky





3.50 – 5.00 PM (Q&A included)


Pharmaceutical Patent Citations and Real Value

David S. Abrams


Teva and the Process of Claim Construction

Polk Wagner



5.00 PM –  End of the Roundtable




If you wish to attend the roundtable, you are kindly asked to email the organizers (Umberto Izzo:; Matteo Ferrari:

Due to constraints related to the location of the seminar, the number of attendees will be limited.