Francesca Lotta


Meetings and conferences


November, 15th, 2013: Speaker at the Event “Seminari lawtech di Diritto alimentare Comparato 2013”. Topic “Informazione e fiducia: aspetti problematici in tema di certificazioni”.

July, 31th, 2013: Lecture on “ Certification marks and Liability of certification bodies from the Italian perspective” at Institute for European Tort Law, Vienna.

June 26th-28, 2013: Lecturer at the Summer school Food: The law, its science, and its cultural pleasures (Piacenza).

June 4th, 2013: Speaker at the Event “Women, business and sustainable certifications: what’s future? ”, available on the web site

May, 19th. 2013: Lecture on “The figure of consumer between guarantee and new responsibilities” to MSU visiting students.

February, 19th 2013: Speaker at the Event “Information on food products: new rules and the construction of a new responsibility for the consumer”, available on the web site

May 23th, 2012: Lecture on “Quality Certification Marks” to MSU visiting students;