Law and Technology Consortium First Meeting 2019

Law and Technology Consortium

First Meeting 2019

(One slot: 10 min. presentation + 20 min. discussion)

University of Trento, Faculty of Law (Sala Professori, 2nd floor)                               Trento, 6-7 May 2019



DAY ONE – May 6, 2019


Welcome of participants (8.45-9.00)

Opening (9.00-9.20)    

Introduction to LTC | Roberto Caso and Gideon Parchomovsky


Morning panels – Chair: Roberto Caso


Session I (9.20-10.50)

Gideon Parchomovsky, Abraham Bell | Restructuring Copyright Infringement

Alain Strowel | Reconstructing the Reproduction and the Communication to the Public Rights: How to Align Copyright with Its Fundamentals

Christopher Yoo | The Transformation of Transformative Use:  The Infiltration of Functionality into Copyright


Break (10.50-11.10)


Session II (11.10-12.40)

Daniel Goldenbaum | Copyright’s objective of promoting education in Canada: origin, evolution and challenge

Bartolomeo Meletti | The Game is On! – The quotation exception in UK copyright law

Katya Zakharov Assaf | Work, Identity, and the Regulation of Markets: A Study of Trademark Law in the U.S. and Germany



Lunch (12.40-13.40)


Afternoon panels – Chair: Gideon Parchomovsky


Session III (13.40-15.10)

Thomas Margoni | Text and data-mining in IP scholarship: A methodological perspective

Rossana Ducato and Alain Strowel | Limitations to Text and Data Mining for consumer empowerment: Making the case for a right to machine legibility


Break (15.10-15.30)


Session IV (15.30-16.30)

Christophe Lazaro | Predictive analytics and the law: coping with uncertain futures

Roberto Caso and Giulia Dore | From work (of authorship) to data: the final destination of copyright?



Networking session (16.30-17.30)

ALL – Follow up and discussion on the future of LTC



DAY TWO – May 7, 2019


Morning panels – Chair: Giuseppe Bellantuono


Session I (9.00-10.30)

Michael Janson | Wage Transparency in the Platform Economy

Marco Botta | The Interaction of EU Competition, Consumer and Data Protection Law in the Digital Economy. The Regulatory Dilemma in the Facebook Odyssey

Valentina Moscon | Online Intermediaries as a Vehicle for Acts of Unfair Competition and Trade Secrets Breaches: What a Liability within the European Legal Framework?


Break (10.30-10.50)


Session II (10.50-11.50)


Pierre-Emmanuel Moyse | Res Ipsa Loquitur (“the thing speaks for itself”): When The Writing Is In The Code. A reflexion on obsolescence by design

Giuseppe Bellantuono | The many faces of regulatory credibility