Workshop – Comparative Legal Perspectives on New Mobility Paradigms

Transportation systems have undergone several revolutions over the past centuries. But this is the first time multiple revolutions take place simultaneously. Decarbonization, digitalization and automation are claimed to address some of the most pressing concerns usually associated to mobility. How these three revolutions will interact is still unclear. Even less is known about the peculiar trajectories they are going to follow in each country or region.

On November 26,2021, this workshop at the University of Trento, Faculty of Law, aims at exploring the legal dimensions of the mobility revolutions from a comparative perspective. Among the dimensions to be considered: what the likely impact of the three revolutions on the regulation of transport systems could be; which legal dimensions can be expected to be more tightly linked to regional, national and local features of transport systems; how liability rules need to be adapted to the digitalization and automation of transport systems.

Full program available here.

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