Law in the digital age

This reasearch is based on the following assumptions:


–      There is a close relationship between law and technology;


–      The law is called upon to regulate technology, but at the same time it uses technology to pursue its own ends;


–      Today, much attention is paid to digital technology, but it is important to recognise that hardware, software and computer networks are not more technology than are paper, pen or language itself (the technology of thought);


–      The rules of law are strictly associated with the technologies that have favoured their creation since such rules pursue goals using the technology that is available at the moment they are drawn up;


–      Since progress provides Mankind with new technologies, it is likely that such technologies can be used by the law to pursue its (old and new) goals; thus, the advent of new technologies can lead to the creation of new rules.


The purpose of this reaserach is to determine whether the appearance of new rules resulting from the advent of information technologies coincides with the appearance of common characteristics that might lead to a concept defined as: law in the digital age.