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Marta Arisi

Marta Arisi Marta Arisi ( is a PhD student at SciencesPo, Law School and she is affiliated with the LawTech Research Centre at the University of Trento – Faculty of Law, where she worked under a research...

Copyright exceptions and the Marrakesh Treaty

University of Trento22 March 2022Copyright exceptions and the Marrakesh Treaty Locandina, outline. Prof. Delia FerriProfessor of Law – Co–Director Assisting Living and Learning (ALL) InstituteDelia.ferri@mu.ie–ferri

Giorgia Bincoletto

Giorgia Bincoletto Assegnista di ricerca, esercitatrice e docente a contratto presso la Facoltà di Giurisprudenza di Trento P.h.D. in Law, Science and Technology – University of Bologna Docteur en Droit – University of Luxembourg Pubblicazioni


M.A Cappelli, The fun in the water. Civil liability and safety regulation, in Izzo-Morandi, Water, Third volume of the Treatise on Civil and Criminal Liability in the Sports of Tourism, Giappichelli Editore, Torino, 2015 (forthcoming). M.A....