Categoria: Contract Law

Contract Law

    This area of research deals with two topics:   Recent developments of European Contract Law   Behavioral theories of contract law  

European Contract Law

  Recent developments of European contract law are analyzed from two different perspectives:    the relationship between the national legal traditions in the field of contract law and the regulatory goals of European law;    the...

Behavioral Contract Law Publications

G. Bellantuono, Razionalità limitata e regole contrattuali: promesse e problemi della nuova analisi economica del diritto, Working Papers Liuc, 2001, available at Asimmetrie informative e razionalità limitata nei mercati tradizionali e nei mercati elettronici, in...

European Contract Law Publications

G. Bellantuono, Contract Law and Regulation, in P. Monateri (ed.), Handbook of Comparative Contract Law, Elgar Pub., 2017, working paper version available at G. Bellantuono, The Limits of Contract Law in the Regulatory State, 6(2) European...

Behavioral Contract Law

Cognitive sciences are employed to build the foundations of a new theory of contract grounded on the empirical observation of the behaviour of firms, consumers and public institutions.